Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wednesday is the New Monday

I think my children sucked up all of my will-power and self control in utero. I just cannot get it through my fat head (and fat thighs, fat ass, fat arms, etc, etc, etc.) that I need to STICK TO THE PLAN!!!! I've pretty much been "off" since Hannah's Christening. First it was Birthday celebrations and leftover junk, then it was a Tupperware party, my nephew's birthday party, a last Hurrah on Sunday, and then I decided to use my free meal coupon at Houlihan's for dinner last night. There's been ice cream cake, a McDonald's Frappe, french fries, cookies, chips and frosting (as in- eating left over frosting out of the canister). It's gross- I know it is, but I can't stop!

I finally went to the market this morning and bought some cherries, cold cuts, wasa crackers, red peppers and hummus. So far I've been on my best behavior today. As for the soda thing- it hasn't been going well. I just stopped on the way home from work for a large soda and I'm drinking it, guiltily, as I write this post. Something's gotta give and I know my weigh in tomorrow is going to be a harsh reality check. Tomorrow will be my "Monday." (As in "Diet Starts Monday!")

At my nephew's party the other day, my Aunt In Law told me that I look great, that it's obvious I've lost weight. It felt good to hear, but at the same time there was a voice in the back of my head telling me "She's lying!" How can she possibly say that I look better when I've been reverting back to my (not-so-) old habits for the past week?

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