Friday, October 19, 2012

Feeling defeated

It's been another busy week (I REALLY need to start scheduling blog posts!) and we've come to another weigh in day. And thus, another failure.

I'm feeling very discouraged, annoyed, defeated, FAT. I don't know what went wrong this week. I stepped on the scale on Wednesday and I had lost the 0.8 I gained last week, so I expected to be even lower today. Instead I was UP from last week!! WTF?!?

I don't get it. I was at or under my calories each week day. I didn't go crazy last weekend. I did 2 C25k workouts and my Zumba class. I haven't had soda in 8 days. I've been drinking plenty of unsweetened iced tea and regular water to get my hydration.

The ONLY think I can think of- maybe my sodium intake was too high? I think I need to start watching that a bit more since my lunches often consist of canned soup or cold cuts. I'm also ovulating this week, so I guess that could have something to do with it.

I mean, I didn't eat the perfect foods all week. One night dinner was a happy meal (not the mighty one- the regular teeny tiny one) another night it was PB&J, last night was a wrap from Tropical Smoothie Cafe. BUT- all fit within my calories.

Maybe someone could take a look at my diary on MFP and give me some insight? I know many people say you should eat exercise calories, or increase calories to 15% less than BMR, but I'm not ready for that. I want to see quick results right now. I NEED to see results to feel like I'm doing something, to boost my willpower, to motivate me to keep at it.

As difficult as it is- I'm going to have to start logging weekend calories. :-/  We just do so much running around on the weekends and I don't have a smart phone to do it while I'm on the go.

So- insight? Advice? Please?!!?

In other news- like I mentioned above- I've completed days 1 & 2 of C25k Week 1. Day 1 was sooo much easier than I remember it being last time! Day 2 was still easier, but a little harder for me than day 1. I attribute it to being later at night- I was exhausted and ready to fall asleep when I dragged my butt out there. I also started to feel shin splints starting up. I'm going to persevere and do Day 3 tomorrow.

Since I know everyone likes pictures, I'm going to share a few of my cuties from last weekend when we went pumpkin picking. I love these girls, they truly make life a joy!

(Sorry for the horrible quality- my DSLR isn't working right so hubby used his iPhone camera)


Thanks for reading!! 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Weigh in defeat

Wow...I'm really slacking off here lately! I guess there really hasn't been all that much going on to write about :-D

The week in review:


  • Tracked everything from Monday-Friday
  • Zumba!!
  • Cooked 3 nights and will cook again tomorrow night
  • When I went to the diner for dinner with the kids and my mom- I was on my best behavior! I ordered off the diet menu- 5oz grilled chicken, steamed veggies and boiled potato
  • I bought a bag of yummy sounding cookies (Pepperidge Farm Caramel Apple Pie Cookies) and ate one for dessert. I brought the rest of the bag to work and let my co-workers go at 'em.
  • I wanted to re-start the C25K program because I'm getting serious 5k envy! Unfortunately, I just didn't do it. It was a combination of crappy weather, being out of the house at night (for food shopping, zumba and a focus group), a stiff neck and shoulder and plain old "I don't feel like it" that kept me from getting out there. I'm hoping this week it will actually happen. 
  • Tracking was non-existent last weekend. 
  • Today's weigh in. I'm up 0.8 lbs. :-( 
I'm thinking the gain has to do with the lack of tracking last weekend, lack of walking and the lack of bathroom activity this week (sorry for the TMI- but you know you wait til after using the bathroom to weigh in!) 

Anyway, I'm going to try to get in more walking and the first week of C25k next week. I'm hoping to see a big loss at the next weigh in to make up for this week. We shall see!

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Friday, October 5, 2012

2nd Weigh in and Visual Goals

I can't believe I haven't blogged in a week!! I feel like time flew by and I never had a time for anything- but really, I didn't even do much.

Last weekend was kind of rough. I didn't track anything, but I didn't go too crazy either. Even though I was diligent with tracking all week, I didn't get in much exercise. It didn't come as too much of a surprise when I weighed in this morning and had lost 1.8 lbs. I was hoping for at least 2, but I'll take it! I need to be more conscious of tracking everything tonight and tomorrow. Sunday is my day off!

I started Zumba this past Wednesday and it was a lot of fun!! I remember it being much easier to do before I had Hannah (and even easier before I had Brooke!) but I made it through the class fairly comfortably. I observed something interesting while I was there. The woman next to me in class was very pretty and had a perfect body (although, I'm fairly certain her boobs were fake :-D ). I sort of inwardly cringed when she stood next to me. I was already feeling self conscious and standing next to Malibu Barbie wasn't going to do much to help my self esteem. Surprisingly, when the music started and we all started to dance- this girl had NO rhythm!! It was comical really. Then, she needed to stop and rest after only a few minutes. She couldn't really do any of the steps and continually knocked into people. I give her major props because she was having fun and didn't seem at all embarrassed (not that she should have been- I just know I would've)! It just goes to show you though- skinny does not equal fit! Skinny does not equal coordination! It made me feel slightly better ;-)

I've started trying to visualize where I want to be weight wise. Every December the company I work for has a holiday party at a catering hall . The last 3 years have pretty much sucked in the way of wardrobe. 3 years ago I was 7 months pregnant with Brooke, the following year I was still fat after having her and last year I didn't even go (since I had Hannah only a few weeks earlier).

This year I'm determined to be able to wear something cute. I've already started looking and saving things to a board on Pinterest (Skinny Clothes) here are a few I've found so far:



BCBG from Blue Fly

Sue Wong at Blue Fly

How amazing is the back?!!

I realize that wearing any of these dresses is kind of a lofty goal- but I'm hoping to be able to do something LIKE them! Even if I need to wear a little jacket or something!

What do you think? Do you have a list of clothes you aspire to wear?

Thanks for reading!!

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