Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Review-

Sorry for the delay! We Christened my daughter yesterday, so I was wrapped up in party planning, shopping, cleaning and cooking last week. I missed Project 10- so I will double link this week for that (including the promised "Get back on track" post).

Today I'm going to review a new (well, new to me anyway) product for you all!

I apologize for the crappy cell phone picture

From the makers of the popular White Cheddar Popcorn comes Smartfood Selects Sesame Garlic Hummus Popped Chips. They are a crunchy, flavorful and satisfying snack that will appease any salt craving. The 3 point plus,16 chip serving is perfect to eat alongside a sandwich or salad for lunch or alone as a snack. No dip is needed since the flavor is "popped" right in! My sister actually picked these up at Costco and brought them to me to try. They remind me of Special K cracker chips- but much crunchier. I actually liked them better than the Special K chips. I can't wait to try another flavor- but I have yet to see them in a store near me (besides Costco which only carries Sesame Garlic ones). I think this must be a new flavor since it isn't listed on the Smartfood website. If anyone sees these in a store on Long Island- let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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