Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday

I don't really want to talk about it- but I will, since that's the point of this blog.

I has a VERY eventful long weekend- we attended a wake on Friday night and went back to a friend's house afterwards where there was chips, pizza and wine; Saturday we were out all day on a friend's boat where there was chips, beer, cocktails and burgers; Sunday I took the girls to my parent's and I was dealing with the aftershocks of the lovely message I received, there was chinese food, iced coffee and cheese and crackers; Monday we had to attend a funeral. I happened to spot the scale out of the corner of my eye while I was getting ready for the funeral and decided to see what kind of damage I had done over the weekend. To my EXTREME shock I was DOWN 3 lbs since last Wednesday! I even stepped back on twice to confirm. That certainly lifted my mood and I felt like I was rocking my LBD (Little Black (wrap) Dress- bought at Banana Republic and worth every penny! ;)). Well, as much as one can rock anything while attending a funeral. I took it pretty easy at the after service luncheon- filled half my plate with salad and had a few bites of some of the other things, then I had a fairly decent dinner. I didn't count points since we weren't home all day.

Yesterday, I stepped on the scale again with intentions of weighing in a day early since I knew I was going to a belated birthday dinner with a friend (Hi, Liz!). I didn't want to get all bloated from my yummy dinner and have to see the effects on the scale the next morning for weigh in (I know it's cheating- cut me some slack! I had a rough week!) You can imagine my surprise when I saw that there were 5 extra pounds on the scale since the day before! one. day. How is that even possible?!!? Needless to say, I didn't record that weight.

I ate VERY little yesterday since I knew dinner wouldn't be good. I didn't go nuts at dinner- but I wasn't very health conscious either.

Now, here it is- Wednesday- up ANOTHER 2 lbs from yesterday.

That makes me up 7 from Monday morning. up 4 from last week.

I really can't believe it. >.<

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