Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New sneakers and the Couch to 5K with a friend


I finally bought some new shoes! I really wanted to be fitted at a running store, but I'm on a super tight budget so I did the Wet Foot Test and then went to Bob's Stores to try on some different brands. I
discovered that I have a normal foot and needed a neutral shoe. It turns out that my feet have grown since having 2 kids- and they were already large to begin with!!

I went with the Saucony Women's GridCrossfire:

Aren't they cute?!

So far they are ok. Last night when I did Day 2/Week 2 of the C25K my right calf felt as if it was going to snap and my feet were killing me when I finished. My feet have hurt after every "run" thus far- so I'm hoping it's because I'm heavy and not from the shoes.

When I'm back in the green with my finances I hope to get professionally fitted. For now, though, these will have to do.

Notice that I put "run" in quotes? I can't seem to say "I'm going for a run" without feeling like a total impostor. I'm too fat to be a runner. What I am currently doing as part of the C25K training plan cannot be considered running- right?! I'm barely eking out 2 miles in the 30 minutes it takes to complete a session. My 2 year old can go faster than that. 

Hopefully I can work up to the point where going for a "run" includes actual running!

I also want to introduce my new "running" (there are those quotes again...) buddy:

Devil Dog
That used to be a soccer ball
Bailey has been a terror since we got him as a puppy (he's only 2 years old now). He has a ton of energy and is destructive. Luckily, he is super friendly and loving and he hasn't destroyed anything major but shoes and toys add up when they constantly need to be replaced. Unfortunately, he hasn't been getting enough exercise which probably leads to the destructive behavior. So, I've decided to take him with me when I do the C25K training. He does pretty well I've only tripped over him twice so far and he's only decided to go on the opposite side of a telephone pole than I 4 times. I'm hoping he learns some good walking manners and expels some of his intense energy!

If you are interested in taking your buddy running with you- read up on it here: Pooch to 5K 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love those shoes! Love your running buddy too! My friend & I just started the c25k again & signed up for a 5k in October - you should join us. We're not looking to run the entire thing - just force us to keep training - to get healthy.


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