Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Now what?

I haven't done the C25K since last Wednesday's disaster. I have a (pretty) good excuse- pain. I'm not sure what happened, maybe it's the new sneakers? After I posted that night I sat down on the couch and discovered that my legs, ankles and feet all felt very tender to the touch. It felt as if someone had taken a bat to my lower extremities. Not a great feeling. When I woke up the next morning barely able to walk I decided to consult Dr.Google. Turns out- I had shin splints! What an embarrassment. Not even 2 full minutes of my (pathetic excuse for) running at a time and I get shin splints.

I took to Facebook to see what I should do next since I have many fitness minded friends. Here is a brief sample of responses (I edited them for brevity):

Friend 1: running on concrete is bad.

Friend 2: Run through the pain

Friend 3: Stretch.

Very Knowledgeable Friend 4: Get new sneakers (be fitted), try more strength training, do NOT run through the pain. Increase intensity OR duration by 10% each week.

Friend 5: Go slower. Buy shoes on sale at target.

Friend 6: Use tape supports

Friend 7: Ice and ibuprofen. get new sneakers. Rest until you feel better.

Friend 5's Hubby: Eat better. I don't know what your diet is like now but set up a proper routine. It makes a huge difference. (We're not 22 anymore)

Very knowledgeable Friend 8: Do NOT run through the pain. Ice and stretch. Get good shoes and walk a few minutes before you jog.

So, to review- I spent $65 on crap shoes, am doing too much on the wrong surface and eating poorly. I knew I was eating poorly- but the others- WHY?!?! Why can other people grab a pair of shoes and hit the pavement? This is such a blow to the ego and to my determination, my oomph, my get up and go (I can't figure out just what the feeling is).

I need to find another way to burn some calories without joining a gym. My father says to walk with the kids. That would involve avoiding all parks in the area to ward off tantrums from my 2 yr old, stopping every few minutes to pick up thrown items, packing a crap load of "just in case" stuff to bring along.

I'm thinking roller blades. I have a pair that haven't been used in 3 years.
Hopefully they still fit.
Hopefully I remember how.
Hopefully I won't somehow hurt myself.

I'm also thinking I may go back to Week 1/Day 1 of the C25K and do it with a friend on a track. Maybe that will help without having to buy new shoes. I feel like such a fool talking about icing my feet/legs, doing major stretching, etc for what is basically a glorified walk with a bounce. Why can't it be easier?! The eating thing is hard enough- once I get up the drive to actually exercise- my body rebels against me. It's so not fair. I was just starting to get excited about all the different races there are to compete in- color runs, mud runs, zombie runs, regular ol' runs for charities I believe in and support.

Please, please share some advice if you've been through this before. I need some been there, done thats.

Thanks for reading.

PS- my sister is giving me back my goal jeans. She has grown out of them in reverse. They are too big on her. I love her and at the same time I hate her (not really, Jen- I just hate me for not having any will power.Hugsandkissesandeverythingnice)

PPS- I may post some motivational "Before" pictures tomorrow. I haven't decided if I want to subject my small audience to such horrors.


  1. I like the idea of heading to the track & working out with a friend.

    I have back issues & when I first started out & had to run on a track because of the ever slight incline in the road would mess with my knees, hips, back - you name it.

    1. Hopefully having a buddy will help- when we can finally get it together. It's so hard since we both have kids and husbands and pets and jobs.

  2. Hi Keri. I have definitely been there. I used to run EVERY morning before work. Unless I got in 2 miles on the treadmill I felt like crap about myself. Upside: I lost weight. Downside: the chiropractor told me I was REALLY screwing up my body with the running. He told me to stop running. I followed his advice and my body felt better but my mind was a disaster. This whole weight loss thing is mental for me. I couldn't exercise and I felt like I was failing. I walked a bit - even purchased a super expensive treadclimber - then stopped. Then gained. Then felt like even more of a failure.
    I started walking again a few months ago. I found that I love Leslie Sansone videos. They keep me going (even when the couch calls to me). It is slower than running which I am still trying to get over mentally (I want to bank miles and get the exercising thing over FAST). However, I'm losing. I'm getting fit. I'm seeing results and I'm feeling better about me. I don't do it every day (I should) and sometimes I just can't bear the thought of exercise but on those days that I complete a 4 mile video I feel AMAZING.
    It's okay to have set backs. They happen to each of us. This is a tough journey. Don't lose faith in yourself Keri. You CAN do this. Tie up those snazzy new sneaks and go for a walk. Remember, any length of walk is MUCH better than sitting on the couch. =)

    1. I've heard of the Leslie Sansone videos. Maybe I'll give them a try! Thanks for the advice!


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