Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Some thoughts before tomorrow's weigh in...

I'm feeling defeated before I even weigh in. Once again, I had a great week- other than Sunday. Once again, I fear, I won't see a big loss. I've been thinking a lot about the Weight Watchers program and why it works. I don't feel like I've been depriving myself at all. As a matter of fact, there are days when I struggle to get in all of my points- even eating 2 desserts! I've considered allowing myself less points per day, after all- it would certainly help the weight come off faster.
Before doing that I decided o dosome research on the WW message boards. The overwhelming response to others who have had the same question is "Trust the Program!" There is a reason so many Weight Watchers are successful- because they embrace a lifestyle change. WW isn't a diet in the usual sense; yes, you will eat healthier; yes, you will eat smaller portions but you will, in no way be deprived.
So, instead of reducing my points I'm going to make an effort to eat better foods. Instead of stocking up on "diet foods" I'm going to focus on eating real foods. Lean protein, whole fruits and vegetable and whole grains instead of reduced fat cheese, low calorie crackers and sweets with fake sugars. This is my goal or the new week.
Crossing my fingers for some sort of loss!
Thanks for reading!

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