Tuesday, September 4, 2012



-I will adapt to a healthier lifestyle

-I will be able to exercise without pain

-I will actually cook the quinoa that's been in my pantry for weeks

-I will prefer a piece of fruit over a bowl of ice cream

-I will be healthy

Unfortunately, that day didn't come this summer- but it will. I know it will. It HAS to.

I'm going on vacation to my parents' lake house for 10 days. There will be plenty of eating- but there will also be lots of activity- kayaking, water skiing (if I can get my fat ass up on them), swimming and walking. Maybe it will even itself out if I try not to go totally buck wild with the junk food.

I haven't weighed myself in weeks. I have no plans to do so before I go away. I know I gained- I don't need to see the number to know that.

I will face the music when I get back.

My Weight Watchers subscription ended and I am not renewing. Going forward- I will be using My Fitness Pal. My username is kh9107. Please be my friend- pretty please? ;-)

I'll definitely be checking in before I leave and while I'm there.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Enjoy your vacation! Definitely focus on the family around you & the fun activities you'll be doing. Soon, food won't seem that important anymore. You can do it! You WILL do it!
    Yeah for MFP! :D

  2. I am still cheering you on! Sent you a fitness pal invite. I love the app!

  3. I love My Fitness Pal. One thing that works for me is making my food diary visible to my friends. (It's not the default setting, you have to change it.) I find that it keeps me accountable, knowing that others see what I'm eating! (And sorry if i've mentioned that to you before. I forget who I say things to, lol.)


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