Wednesday, September 26, 2012

2 days down, a lifetime to go

Day 2 was another good day- even though I started with a high cal smoothie (whoops!). I meant to make a Body by Vi smoothie (using the mix my BFF Supermom Amanda sent me) with skim milk, a banana and a little bit of Nutella. I learned a few important lessons:
- NEVER assume that healthy=low calorie. Who knew a banana was so high in calories?! Crazy!
- ALWAYS check the milk container to make sure it's the right one! I buy 2% for my daughter and skim milk for myself. I grabbed and used the 2%. D'oh.
- Nutella is yummy and would be a great additive if the banana and milk didn't already add too many calories.

So- My "light" smoothie breakfast wound up costing me 361 calories! It was delicious (how could it not be with frozen banana and Nutella?!) and held me over, but I would have preferred something more substantial for that many calories.

I wound up escaping after dinner last night to do my favorite "me time" activity- wandering wistfully around Homegoods. I have quite a wish list going on! I'm so broke it's scary so it truly is a WISH list. My home is severely lacking in furniture and decor, but until we stop struggling with the bills, it will have to do!

Anyway (that was a bit of a tangent there, huh?) when I got home I took the dog for a shorter walk than I had originally planned. It was probably more of a 15-20min walk than 30.

Tonight I'm going to peruse Netflix and see what kind of workouts I can get from there! Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

OH!!! I wanted to add- I've been tracking all of my meals and activity in the morning on MFP- but I do my exercise at night once the kids are in bed ;-)

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  1. Great job girl! Keep it up! I just started doing P90x!


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