Thursday, November 1, 2012

Damn You Sandy!!

Let's start from the last time I posted. I was feeling defeated because I gained weight. Well, i'm happy to day that I was down 2.6lbs at LAST weeks weigh in. I was really happy! I had upped my calories to 1700 a day after following the advice in this My Fitness Pal post: In Place of a Road Map. Read it- you won't be sorry! 

Since that weigh in, I've been WAY WAY WAY off track. Way. My weekend started off pretty well, I was tracking, watching my intake. When the threat of Hurricane Sandy became real, I drove off the road (metaphorically speaking.) I was in the house with Halloween candy. Ice cream. Chips. Nothing good came of that. I've eaten more chocolate since Monday than I have in the last 2 years. 

We were so VERY VERY lucky not to have gotten any damage from the storm. Everyone I know is alive and safe. Our home came out unscathed and we already have power back. I know many people whose homes were severely damaged or completely ruined, there are almost a million people without power here on Long Island. My prayers go out to all those who have lost so much. :-( If anyone in my area (Western Suffolk County, south shore) needs somewhere to shower, watch the news or charge electronics please contact me!

anyway, weigh in isn't until tomorrow morning, but I'm fully expecting to have gained back that 2.6 lbs. We shall see. 

I had a fully clothed, afternoon preview weigh in at the doctor today and (as expected) I was up. I'm curious to see how my nekkid morning weigh in will go.

More on my doctor appointment and what he suggests:

  • Do mostly non-weight bearing exercise like the elliptical machine or swimming. This would be difficult as I don't belong to a gym, but I'm going to stick with low impact exercise- walking, C25K and continue with Zumba. 
  • Follow the South Beach Diet. This one I am TOTALLY on board with. I even have the book already (some where :-/). His reasoning is sound- the medication I take daily makes it difficult for the body to process starches and thus makes it difficult to lose weight! I never knew this.
  • Having my thyroid checked. I'd love to have something to blame my fatty fatness on, but I'm doubting anything will come of the tests. 
If anyone has any South Beach Friendly recipes, feel free to pass them along. 

I know I seem to jump around A TON on this blog, when I actually post, that is. I'm just trying to find my way and it isn't easy. Please have patience with me and continue to offer up your advice. 

Thanks for reading!

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